Power Restored To All 20,000 Sudbury Hydro Customers After Sunday Night's Outage


Update From Sudbury Hydro:

Power was restored overnight to all Greater Sudbury Hydro customers affected by last evening’s outage.

The widespread outage began at 9:18pm with a problem at the Hydro One Martindale Transmission station.

Approximately 20,000 Greater Sudbury Hydro customers were initially affected, as well as thousands of Hydro One customers.

Greater Sudbury Hydro was able to reroute power to the majority of its affected customers, however by midnight, no further switching was possible. 

About 2800 customers in Capreol, Falconbridge and Coniston remained out until just before 3 am.

As normal switching patterns are restored later today, some customers may notice momentary interruptions.

We thank our customers for their patience.

Original Story:

Greater Sudbury Hydro has rerouted power to all possible customers affected by Sunday night's widespread power outage, however those in Capreol, Falconbridge and Coniston are still without power. 

This outage was caused by a serious issue at Hydro One’s Martindale Transmission Station, which supplies power to many GSH distribution substations.

Sudbury Hydro anticipates it to be early Monday morning before supply from the Martindale Transmission Station is available to energize the areas who are without power.

Crews are hoping for power restoration in the early hours of the morning, however we must rely on Hydro One to effect their repairs before restoration is possible.

At the peak of Sunday night's outage, approximately 20,000 Greater Sudbury Hydro customers were affected. 

At last check, there were about 2800 GSH customers in Capreol, Falconbridge and Coniston still without power.