James Warner-Smith

CICS James Warner Smith

Hi I’m James and I’m the Weekend Warrior on Pure Country 91.7.  I was born and raised in the Soo but my family and I started calling Sudbury home in 2013.  We love it here!  Three things are pretty constant with me.  Family, music, and radio.  

I’ve been on the air since high school.  I love playing Sudbury’s Pure Country and sharing stories with you more than ever.  With that, there’s been a lot of emcee work. One that stands out was hosting a Brad Paisley show at a casino in Michigan three days after 9/11.  Brad did two show that night that were half full, but he knew the people who showed up were looking for something to take their minds of the tragedy.  He got up there and knocked it out of the park.  Between shows we got to chat about everything from Chet Atkins to Star Trek too.  Coolest night ever.

I’m married to Alison, a transplanted Newfoundlander from Corner Brook (two words). She calls me her CFA (Come from away).  We have children and even grandchildren from Yellowknife to Estaire.  We love sports.  We cheer for the Raptors, Blue Jays and the Leafs and get down to games whenever we can.  We love the fact we can hop in the car, drive to an afternoon game and drive back.  We’re Marvel and Star Trek fans too.

Musically, I love to sing. I’ve done a lot of anthem singing all my life.  When I moved to Sudbury, I sang the anthem for the Rayside-Balfour Canadians when they played in Copper Cliff and I’ve done the odd Sudbury Wolves game too.  The coolest gig I’ve had though was singing the Russian national anthem before a CHL/Russia Super Series game on national television. No pressure there.

I’d love to connect on the air and on line.  See you on the radio.