Josh Corbett

Josh Corbett on Pure Country

Hey it's Josh!

I'm that mystical voice you hear as one half of PURE Country Mornings! I grew up in the GTA but quickly fell in love with Sudbury. I left the Nickel City for a short time to get some extra experience in radio but Sudbury was already in my veins by then so I just couldn't stay away! I love everything outdoors, all year round. From pond hockey and skiing in the winter to mountain bike riding and kayaking in the summer!

I am a bit of a foodie. It's not uncommon to see me drooling over burgers,steak, and all kinds of other delicacies! I grew up being called a human garbage disposal because there was no time for leftovers, there's deliciousness to take part in! One condition, keep the peanut butter away! I get more weird looks for the fact I don't like peanuts than anything else! 

I'm a dog guy so join me in hugging a puppy as you pull up your seat for PURE Country Mornings every weekday beginning at 5:30! See you there!