Matt Brown


Hey! It’s Matt in the afternoons!

Here are a few things that you need to know…

  • I love love love sappy love songs
  • I dislike blueberries with an immense passion
  • I own what some may is too much plaid but in all honesty, can you really ever have too much plaid?
  • I like a nice glass of whiskey on a hot day...or a cold day… or…really any day!
  • I’ve lived all across Canada. So far my total is 11 cities in 5 provinces.

Happy swiping...oh wait ...this isn't a tinder bio?...Ummm…..well…this is awkward

  • "At Home" Interview with Jade Eagleson

    It's time for another "At Home" interview. This time I'm joined by Jade Eagleson. We talk about CCMA nominations, his new album (which came out today) and Tiktok!
  • Matt's "At Home" Interview with Tim Hicks

    Had the chance to talk to Tim Hicks about what he's been up to over the past few months. We talk about new music, what it's like making a song with his wife & kids and how he's handling Quarantine. Take a listen
  • At Home Interview with The Reklaws

    I had the chance to chat with The Reklaws today. We talked about there new single "Where I'm From", Filming their lastest music video with Dean and of course how they are keeping busy during quarantine.
  • An "At Home" Chat with Don Amero

    Earlier this week I was able to catch up with Don Amero. We talked about his new single "Morning Coffee", More new music on the way, and what he's been up to during Quarantine.
  • An "At Home" Chat with David James

    I got the chance to catch up with David James Music this week. We chatted about his new single, his love for cocktails and of course...Tiger king! Take a listen!
  • People are awesome! Had to say Thank You to some amazing people!

    With all that's going on, I  wanted to say thank you to a few people. People who are going above and beyond during this hard time. 

    If there is someone you want to shout out please let us know. 

  • Well it looks like some stores are taking advantage of toilet paper craze!

    As you've probably heard or seen by know, some people are buying up as much toilet paper and hand sanitizer as they possibly can. This has led to shortages in some cities. Well, it turns out that some businesses are taking advantage of this....And not the kind of businesses you'd think...

    Take a listen

  • Matt's Dating Disasters: When the Hero becomes the Villain

    When I started talking about my disaster dates I thought that I would just be sharing the stories where I was the normal one. I didn't think that I would be the disaster part of the date....Turns out I was wrong!  A comment showed up on our Facebook page that sounded an awful lot like a date I went on. It turns out that I was a bad date! I guess i may have overshared a bit. Here's the story.

    Oh how the tables have turned!

  • Matt's Dating Disaster: Flat or Round?

    Here is another one of my dating disasters. If by chance you missed it, Here's Wednesday's story. This one was flat out wrong....You'll get the joke soon LOL


    PS: More stories are on the way!