Ward 2 Community Shines Once Again With Generous Act Of Kindness!


Josh & Coop noticed this story on the Ward 2 Community Facebook group & just had to share it with the Sudbury world!  

Jackie posted the following on Facebook, asking for donations to give to a family in need.


The family recieved their donations and were so surprised and a bit overwhelmed!

Thanx to everyone here we managed to give them cash and gift cards and clothes.

They recieved a turkey and all the fixings.

Big thanks to EVERYONE who donated big or small it all made it to Levack where i saw lots of smiles.

Thank you.



Hey there good people....

I really hope to help someone who doesnt have a phone or internet and dont drive

Young family 2 kids

In Lavack

THEY NEED EVERYTHING. cupards are bare....

Kids need school foods.****

I have already doneva small shop but they need much much more.

You can drop to me in Naughton or to them in Lavack.

Thanks in advance

These people really need the help.

Think if everyone gave just 1$ in a group with 5900 people...