WATCH: BTS Takes Fans BTS At 'My Universe' Video Shoot


BTS is taking fans behind the scenes of the music video for “My Universe,” their collaboration with Coldplay.

“The concept of this is that we’re in a world without music and Coldplay and BTS stand up against it,” RM explained in a video posted online Wednesday. It shows the seven members of the K-pop group inside a chroma key studio in Seoul.

“Everything here will have CGI,” explained Jin, “and we’re in these outfits like a group of rebels.”

While shooting scenes in which Coldplay frontman Chris Martin was later digitally added, Jungkook pointed out they should be looking up, not down. “Chris is taller than all of us,” he noted.

The BTS portion of the “My Universe” video was directed in South Korea by Yong Seok Choi. The full video, directed by Dave Meyers, premiered last September and has been viewed more than 205 million times.

Check out the making-of video below, as well as the final video:

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