Fields to Forks


From the plants that grow in it, to the livestock that walks it, soil is where it all begins. Find out where it goes from there with fields to forks… an ongoing series that focuses on the stories straight from our communities.the farmers, the manufacturers, and the distributers who love what they do, and do it right here.

  • Ask The Experts - Fields To Forks Egg Farmers

    Colin & Nicole Vyn, 1st generation egg farmers joined us to talk about life as egg farmers. Colin is responsible for caring for the hens and Nicole, the egg collection.  During the spring planting season and fall harvest, Nicole and the kids run the entire barn as Colin is spending long days in the fields growing grain crops for feed.
  • Ask The Experts - Fields To Forks (Corteva Agriscience)

    Tyler Groeneveld is the Commercial Grains and Oils Leader for North America and serves on the Canadian leadership team and commercial leadership team. Tyler is responsible for the development and commercialization of output traits in cereals and oilseeds creating new value and market opportunities for farmers and food ecosystem stakeholders.
  • Ask The Experts - Fields To Forks

    Fields To Forks with Janine Lunn, OFA Capacity Development Coordinator and Lauren Van Ewyk Owner/Operator at Cedarview Farms as well she specializes in childhood trauma, attachment and anxiety, as well marriage counselling and individual therapy.