Ricky Martin Hit By Lawsuit From Former Manager


Ricky Martin has been accused by his former manager of “completely and maliciously” refusing to pay her millions in commissions.

Rebecca Drucker filed a lawsuit in a Los Angeles court on Wednesday seeking more than $3 million U.S.

According to the statement of claim, Drucker repped the singer from 2014 until 2018, when she stepped down “after a particularly ugly incident in Dubai.” She claims Martin “begged” her to resume her role in May 2020 when his “personal life was in disarray” and his “personal and professional life [was] in absolute turmoil”

She claims to have “resurrected Martin’s career in every way” and said he made millions from “recording contracts, touring and sponsorship deals, and other professional endeavours” thanks to her.

The lawsuit states that Drucker “protected Martin from the consequences of his reckless indiscretions” and claims that in September 2020, he was “threatened with a potentially career-ending allegation” but “emerged unscathed” thanks to her efforts.

Drucker said that when he learned of the “devastating claim” against him, Martin collapsed and “expressed his extreme fear … that if this threat were carried out, the consequence … would be catastrophic.”

Drucker’s lawsuit also alleges Martin had “a litany” of problems including nonpayment of taxes and substance abuse.

Martin is also accused of fostering “a toxic work environment wherein he constantly mistreated, manipulated, and lied” to Drucker, leading to her resignation in April. She claims he pressured her to sign a non-disclosure agreement to prevent her from revealing “the abhorrent behaviour … she has both witnessed and endured.”

Reps for Martin have not commented on the lawsuit. None of the allegations have been proven in a court.

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