Vernon Winter Carnival Announces Theme for 2022

Vernon Winter Carnival

After much anticipation and hundreds of suggestions - the theme for the 62nd Annul Vernon Winter Carnival is official, but it may not be what you were expecting.

The 2022 Vernon Winter Carnival will be themeless,

"As a board we looked at many suggestions for the theme this year and felt maybe it was time to take a step back and connect with the community by just being a Winter Festival.” Says Erik Olesen Chair of Vernon Winter Carnival Society.

"Vernon Winter Carnival is all about being inclusive for the entire community and we want to showcase the many cultures and diversities that Vernon has to offer."

When Vernon Winter Carnival started 61 years ago there was no theme. The theme wasn’t incorporated into the Festival until 1985. Previous to Carnival themes the community got involved and showed their Carnival Spirit however they wanted to.

“After a year of restrictions, we really want to allow the community to celebrate Carnival without any limitations.” Says Vicki Proulx, Executive Director of Vernon Winter Carnival.

The Society hopes people will host an event with whatever theme they choose, recreate something from a past Carnival or just enjoy all things Winter in the North Okanagan using the tag line – SNOW Much Fun.

“We’re not sure where we’ll be for COVID-19 Restrictions by the time we get into full swing planning for the 2022 Festival, but we hope that going themeless will allow Vernon Winter Carnival to get back to it’s roots and open the door for a new generation to support promoting Vernon as a Winter Destination and fostering community spirit.”

Vernon Winter Carnival will host their Annual General Meeting April 27th and planning for the 2022 festival will start almost immediately.