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Vernon’s Pure County is proud to partner with Teens Count Too. It's that time of year again! Teens Count Too is thinking of gifts to give to teens for Christmas.

If you're looking to help a teen in need this year, cash donations or gift certificates from local food venues can be made out to Teens Count Too.  These can be dropped off or mailed to TEENS COUNT TOO, c/o 4102 Pleasant Valley Road, Vernon. V1T 4I2.

For more info on how you can get involved and support Teens Count Too go to: facebook.com/TeensCountToo/

You can mail your donations to:

Teens Count Too
c/o N.O.C.L.S
4102 Pleasant Valley Road,
Vernon, BC V1T 4H2

Or Call: (250) 309-8906


Teens Count Too Teenagers photo