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FEBRUARY 6, 2023

Keswick RTB #59  The 15 to Barton and the 401 was groomed and cleared of trees. We have guys cleaning up the rail bed close to Keswick today. The remainder of the trails will see a groomer before the end of the week. We have a couple small water areas on our 712 but otherwise our trails are in overall good shape

Mountainview Club #62  MVTM groomer is out smoothing out the trail system. Trail 12/44, 475 & 480 are showing green as of this morning. All trails will be freshly groomed by Friday. Hugh thanks to all the Volunteers. Have a wonderful safe sledding season.

Woodstock Club 23 Club 23 will begin grooming all trails beginning Tuesday and finishing on Friday. Ice Crossings are at your own Risk.

Carleton Borderview Club # 3  Club #3 is doing the 12 and 456 to motel then to beechwood river crossing please watch for signs as trail just past warming hut to beechwood has changed again last week

CFM CLUB 72 Sunday we were able to get the 12 North and South done. Monday will be the #433 to Meductic and Tuesday's adventures will be the #431, #432 and #435

NorthernLights TrailBlazers Club #47 All trails on the west side of the river were groomed yesterday. Today we're doing #469 and #53 as well as the railbed #44 from Hartland to Woodstock and out #15 to meet Millville.

Aberdeen club 55 will have all our trails groomed by Wednesday night and by the looks of the weather will be good for the weekend. Happy sledding and stay safe

Millville Snowhawks Club # 49  Trail #15 from Barton to Shoeing and Naskwaak trail # 53  all groomed

Sno-Drifters Snowmobile Club Inc.  Club # 10 Nackawic / Mactaquac Trail 419 from Nackawic to Trail # 44 Good condition. Trail # 44 from Nackawic to Campbell Settlement just groomed. Couple ruff spots.  Trail #44 from Nackawic to Mactaquac is now groomed but watch for wet spots. Trail 413 is now groomed.  Trail #401 from Springfield towards Zealand is now groomed. Trail # 416 from Nackawic to Millville on RR Bed is groomed. Trail # 414 is groomed But watch out for a few wet holes. It is passable. Thank you to Operators. 

Southwest Snowmobilers Inc. Club 73 - We have been working on opening up our southern trails this week.  Trail #32 has been done from McAdam to the 32/729 intersection and O’Leary Warming hut and back.  Trails #742, 743, 744, 745, 747, 748, 749, 750 all done this week or by end of today.  Trail #744 into Harvey is now fully open.  We’ve taken time this week to address so hazards on a more permanent fix as we go along but still left the cones out to mark the areas just in case!  I’ve heard our other trails that haven’t been done (12, 755, 746)are still in great shape with the odd trouble area to watch for.  We are planning to do 12 South from McAdam to the 12/755 intersection to meet the St. Croix Ridgerunners 

We did have a couple set backs this week with the groomer getting stuck after breaking through some ice ( this was at least the 4th time across since we started).  It did come out on its own power.  Also yesterday we had a rubber smell at higher speeds and ice build up was found to be the cause, so glad we found that as opposed to having wheel or track damaged.  We may just wait out the extreme cold weather tomorrow.