Advanced polling underway across most of N.B. for the Municipal Election


Voters have the opportunity to cast their ballots at polling stations between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday for the Municipal Election on May 10th.

New Brunswickers are encouraged to bring their Voter Information Cards with them, while those not on the voters list are required to show identification to be added to the list before they can vote.

Information on the locations of advanced and regular polling stations is shown on an elector’s Voter Information Card, on the Elections NB website, or can be obtained by calling 1-888-858-VOTE (8683).

Areas that were under lockdown in Zone 4 will go to the polls on Tuesday May 25th, with advanced voting taking place Saturday May 15th and Monday May 17th.

Municipalities where elections were suspended include Edmundston, Haut-Madawaska, Lac Baker, Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska and Saint-Léonard. The lockdown also suspended elections for Francophone Northwest School Subdistrict 3 as well as Vitalité Health Network , Subregion A3.

Results for the entire province will be released after the polls close on May 25th at 8:00 p.m.

Candidates in contests that were deemed elected by acclamation after the close of nominations on April 9th will also be declared as elected at this time.

Unofficial List of Municipal Election Candidates


Mayor (1 to be elected)

  • Tanya Marie Cloutier
  • Glendon J. Luimes

Councillor (4 to be elected)

  • Christy Marie Collier
  • Elaine B. English
  • Michael Thomas Furrow
  • Mark A. Grant
  • Sandra J. Marston (Incumbent)
  • George S. Mott
  • Andrea J. Sullivan

Source: Elections New Brunswick


Mayor (1 to be elected)

  • Michael Stewart (Incumbent)(Acclaimed)

Councillor (3 to be elected)

  • Robert Lee (Incumbent)(Acclaimed)
  • Garth Dale Seely (Incumbent)(Acclaimed)
  • Kathleen M. Simonson (Incumbent)(Acclaimed)

Source: Elections New Brunswick


Mayor (1 to be elected)

  • Laurel Robert Bradstreet
  • Karl Edward Curtis (Incumbent)

Councillor, Ward 1 (3 to be elected)

  • Stephen F. Belliveau
  • Ryan L. Dickinson
  • Nancy J. Giggie
  • Daniel W. Guest (Incumbent)
  • Lacey Kinney-Thomas
  • Laurie A. Martel

Councillor, Ward 2 (3 to be elected)

  • Dan McCarthy (Incumbent)
  • Andrew L. Saunders
  • David Allison Trafford (Incumbent)
  • Nancy J. Whyte McCauley (Incumbent)

Source: Elections New Brunswick


Mayor (1 to be elected)

  • Tracey D. DeMerchant
  • Darrin Foster (Incumbent)

Councillor (6 to be elected)

  • George Boone
  • Greg Crouse (Incumbent)
  • Jeff Doherty
  • Tasha C. Doherty
  • Stewart J. Fairgrieve
  • David Winston Gormley
  • Nancy Lovely
  • Gary Mangum
  • Lee A. Patterson
  • Daphne Anne Stokoe (Incumbent)
  • Michael D. Walton

Source: Elections New Brunswick


Mayor (1 to be elected)

  •  Beverly H. Forbes (Incumbent)(Acclaimed)

Councillor (3 to be elected)

  • Dean R. Crossen
  • Trevor John Gullison (Incumbent)
  • Jeffrey Mills (Incumbent)
  • Colin Trail (Incumbent)

Source: Elections New Brunswick


Mayor (1 to be elected)

  • Ian Kitchen (Incumbent)(Acclaimed)

Councillor (5 to be elected)

  • Gail M. Farnsworth (Incumbent)(Acclaimed)
  • Gregory Ryan MacFarlane (Incumbent)(Acclaimed)
  • Mike E. Meade (Incumbent)(Acclaimed)
  • Robert B. Simpson (Incumbent)(Acclaimed)
  • Brian E. Toole (Incumbent)(Acclaimed)

Source: Elections New Brunswick

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