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  • Remembering Alex Trebek - A Tribute

    We put this little summary of Alex's career together and we humbly share it with you.  Alex was an institution, a friendly face every evening on the TV.  Never a know-it-all, after all, he had all the answers handed to him... He was the epitome of a perfect host for a game show like Jeopardy.  And he will be missed.  
  • LISTEN: My memories of Ted & Rachelle Hayward AND my personal dare to you regarding Hayward House Online Auction happening now. .

    I grew up next door to Ted & Rachelle Hayward and I have many fond memories of both of them.. from acting in Carleton County Players shows with Ted to .. trying to sell Rachelle chocolate bars ... for the same school she taught in.. and how I managed to sell her some anyway!   AND .. my personal dare to you - regarding the Hayward House online auction happening right now... I DARE YOU.. listen to hear all the deets.

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