Nat & Drew's Beat The Bank

Beat The Bank

***Contest on hold until further notice.  To all our loyal listeners and fans of Nat & Drew’s Beat the Bank, we have suspended this contest due to COVID-19. The health of our listeners and our own staff is of the utmost importance. As we all navigate through the constant changes of these unprecedented times, we thank you for your understanding and patience and hope to return to Nat & Drew’s Beat the Bank as soon as possible. In the meantime, QMFM will continue to keep you entertained with Today’s Best Variety.



Nat & Drew’s Beat The Bank, sponsored by King of Floors is the most suspenseful way to win money, but you could win a lot of cash!

You never know what is behind the vault door – it could be $800, $1,500 or even $5,000. The more vaults you open, the more money you can win, but if you open a vault with the bank alarm, you could lose all the money! But if you do lose all the money, we will still give you a $100 Gift Card to Kobe Steakhouse, celebrating 50 years.