Thousand Dollar Minute

Thousand Dollar Minute Contest Image

Play The Nat & Drew $1,000 Minute every day at 7:35 am during The Nat & Drew Show!

Be Caller 25 and answer up to 10 questions to win cash! For every question you get right you win $10, but if you answer all 10 questions correctly you win $1,000!


  1. If you have plantar fasciitis, then you have pain in what body part?
  2. Which one-named singer has the nickname the “goddess of pop?”
  3. What leaf is used to make a pesto sauce?
  4. Name 1 of the 2 Major League Baseball teams competing in the World Series.
  5. On what Vancouver street would you find an Anthropologie clothing store?
  6. Which Canadian singer was the musical guest on SNL over this weekend?
  7. Name 1 of the colors that are used in the famous Blockbuster logo.
  8. Which is longer: 2 Miles or 2 Kilometers?
  9. The Golden Village district is located in which lower mainland city?
  10. True or False: there are 77 days until Christmas?




1. Your foot

2. Cher

3. Basil leave 

4. Tampa Bay Rays, LA Dodgers

5. Granville

6. Justin Bieber

7. Blue, yellow

8. 2 miles

9. Richmond

10. False – it’s 67

Carol played the $1,000 Minute this morning and we did not expect her answer for question 10.