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Nat believes she has two callings in life --- winning the lottery and working on a morning show. Since the lottery win hasn't happened yet, she continues to live her second dream.

Nat has been working in Vancouver for over 10 years.....almost all of that exclusively with Drew Savage. In fact, the show celebrated it's 10 year anniversary in January. Ten years is pretty impressive and is statistically 8 and a half years longer than the average celebrity marriage.

Before Vancouver, Nat did both radio and television in Ontario for a few years including: being a VJ at CMT (Country Music Television) and a stint as the weather anchor in Kingston - though her and the green screen often did not get along. Thus she left the glamorous world of weather to pursue the equally glamorous world of radio.

Nat and her husband live in the mountains on the North Shore. But she assures everyone that it's quite civilized and she's not there secretly writing a manifesto with a faulty typewriter. When not on the air, Nat can often be found hiking the trails with her husband, their three dogs and the occasional stray bear.