Steve Carell Never Met His Pepsi Commercial Co-Star Cardi B


Steve Carell co-starred with Cardi B in a Pepsi commercial that went viral – but the actor has revealed that he never met the rapper.

Carell said that he and Cardi shot on separate days. “They had a double, so they shot over the double to me and they shot over my double to her,” he explained during an episode of Ellen that aired Thursday.

“I’ve never met her.”

In the commercial, which debuted during the Super Bowl, Carell is standing in a diner and looking down at Cardi, who is sitting at a table. “That’s not her,” he said. “It’s kind of magic.”

For the commercial, Carell had to learn how to do Cardi’s signature “Okurr!” – which doesn’t impress his children Annie, 18, and John, 15.

“They think I am so lame when I do that,” he said. “It’s the worse, but you have to do that to embarrass your children.”

Carell said he did earn some credibility with his kids from “strange addiction,” a track on Billie Eilish’s album that samples his The Office character Michael Scott.

“She called to ask whether she could use some Michael Scott stuff for her album. I was not familiar with her music and I asked my daughter Annie, ‘Billie Eilish would this be cool?’ and instantly ‘Oh dad, yeah, yeah you have to do that!’ That’s totally cool.”

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