How well do you know Alicia Keys?


Put your fandom to the test!

  1. Which part of New York City was Alicia Keys raised in?

  2. Keys signed her first record deal in what year?

  3. What was Alicia's first album called

  4. Alicia recently hosted which award show for the 2nd consecutive year?

  5. How many Grammy Awards has Alicia Keys won?

  6. Which artist broke his "Song Of the Year" Grammy in half at the 2004 Grammy's, gifting half to Alicia Keys in recognition of her song "If I Ain't Got You"

  7. Keys accepted a scholarship from this Ivy League University, but left after 4 weeks to pursue music full time.

  8. Alicia's mother worked as a...

  9. Which famous DJ and Record Producer is Alicia Keys married to?

  10. Alicia is set to release her new album called ____ on March 20th