The Nat & Drew Show

The Nat & drew show

Start your weekday mornings off with the best variety of music, great laughs and fabulous prizes! Joining Nat and Drew are Erin Davis, Producer Joey and Young Vik. The Nat & Drew Show will keep you informed on the latest news and celebrity gossip with “The Scoop”, keep you entertained with the best contests and test your trivia knowledge daily with the “Thousand Dollar Minute”.


  • Being Zombied

    What does it mean to be "zombied" by someone? Has it ever happened to you???

  • Remembering Names

    Have trouble remembering people's names? We're here to help!

  • Names

    Was your name a source of pain growing up? We feel your pain.

  • Valuable Painting

    A woman found a painting in her house worth $6 mil! Ever find anything of worth in your house? It’s crazy what Erin’s husband found in their walls!