VIFF Film Review Babysplitters (2019)


It’s a life changing and all-consuming task raising a child. What if you could share the duties with another couple? Babysplitters is a film about just that. This comedy follows two couples who are friends who want to have kids but don’t want the responsibility of raising a little human full time. So they come up with the idea to have a baby together and basically time share the kid. Could this actually work? It sounds like a great idea, they share the costs of raising a baby amongst both couples, those first exhausting months are split up and the child will have the support of four parents. What could possibly go wrong?!

Through their extensive planning and awkward execution of their idea, every possible cringe worthy moment happens. You basically go through this roller coaster of emotions with this story. It’s absolutely crazy but overall interesting to see how it all pans out.

Rating 3.5/5

The 38th Vancouver International Film Festival on now  – Oct 11, 2019

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