VIFF Film Review Other Music (2019)

Other Music

Other Music is a documentary about a beloved music store in New York City serving music lovers who craved music from outside of the box and beyond. Unfortunately the store had to close in 2016.  Other Music owners and staff members recall the joy and pleasure of working in a job that was also their passion. Their staff was as eclectic as the music they carried.

“To make new or forgotten music available to a wider audience”.

“It wasn’t just a record store; it was like a community center in a lot of ways”.

If you are a music aficionado, beyond the main stream, you’ll love this documentary and maybe even have a renewed love for our own local Vancouver record stores.

The 38th Vancouver International Film Festival on now – Oct 11, 2019

Other Music screens again Oct 1.

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Other Music (2019) - Documentary Teaser from Monoduo Films on Vimeo.