VIFF Film Review When We Walk (2019)

When We Walk

When We Walk is the second documentary Jason DaSilva has made about his battle with MS. The film follows Jason as his marriage falls apart and his struggles with MS get worse; all while he’s trying his best to be a good father to his son. It’s a heart breaking story and it’s not just a documentary but also a letter to his son for when he gets older. Because Jason’s condition is rapidly progressing he soon will lose the ability to speak so he wants to tell his son everything he can, while he can. Jason’s wife decides to move to Texas where she can get a better job but that leaves Jason in a difficult position. If he stays in New York he can get great medical care and 24/7 in home care aids so he can still live independently. Texas, on the other hand, has the worst level of support for people with disabilities in the United States, so Jason would have to move into a nursing home to get the care he needs. He tries every possible option to be close to his son. His journey leads him to push the limits of how much stress he can handle and he risks his own health to be a present father to his son.

“Basic support services for people with disabilities is a human right”. - Jason

This film taught me about the difficulties people with disabilities encounter on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there’s still a great amount of places people with disabilities can’t go to because of roadblocks like stairs or lack of paved roadways in parks and beaches. Jason and his wife created an app called AXS Map that tracks the accessibility of retail and commercial businesses, parks, community buildings, and much more. There is still a lot of work to be done to make all places accessible for everyone. Jason’s story is one that needs to be heard not just by the public at large but also levels of government responsible for health care and accessibility for all of its citizens. 

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