Boulders the size of basketballs damaged three cars on Highway 17 northwest of Ottawa, OPP say

Ontario Provincial Police say several vehicles were damaged by large rocks strewn across Highway 17 near Rox Siding Road on Jan. 8, 2021.

Police in the Ottawa Valley are investigating a dangerous incident where boulders were left along Highway 17.

The incident happened in the early morning hours of Jan. 8, 2021, on the highway near Roxy Siding Road, east of Logos Land Resort.

Mike Romains was one of the people who crashed into them. He was driving from Pembroke to Renfrew for work that morning. Just after he passed the resort, he crashed into a line of boulders strewn across the road.

“They were side by side from the gravel all the way across to the gravel on the other side. No room in between them,” he told CCTV News Ottawa.

The rocks, which were bigger than basketballs, damaged three cars that day, according to Renfrew OPP. Romains' was the first.

“Well there was two of them that kind of lifted the car up a bit, it was teetering on them. It was like a rollercoaster from Hell. We were skidding this way down the highway like this and the rocks were grinding themselves into the pavement,” he said.

Romains says his taxi suffered extensive damage and he's still feeling the effects from a bruised elbow and shoulder. What's worse is Romains says this isn't the first time hazards have been placed along Highway 17.

“December it was car rims, steel car rims all the way across and it destroyed the guy’s car. Same place.”

Romains says the crash is now in the back of his mind any time he passes that spot on Highway 17 and he has a message to anyone who may be leaving debris on the road.

“Whoever it is, this is not funny. You’re going to kill somebody. Somebody’s going to die and this is not funny.”

Renfrew OPP are asking anyone with information to come forward.