Brockville General Hospital accepting COVID transfer patients

Brockville General Hospital

As COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations continue to rise across the province, Brockville General Hospital has been ordered to make capacity in its facility for patients from other parts of the province. 

President and CEO of the Hospital Nick Vlacholias confirmed Monday patients began being transferred before the Easter weekend, with several patients from Cornwall being admitted. 

"Late Thursday, we received two notices, one was to take additional patients from Cornwall to help them out given the severity of the cases occurring in the Cornwall-area," Vlacholias said, adding the province has also once again asked the hospital to clear capacity for transfers or in case of a surge in COVID-19 patients. 

As of Monday morning, there were 467 people in hospital across the province, the highest at any point during the pandemic, driven by more contagious variants of the virus. The variants are also affecting younger people more adversely than they were earlier in the pandemic, with more severe cases reported among the 20 to 39 age group. 

"These are record levels, volumes we've never seen before," Vlacholias said, as he echoed the message from provincial officials to stay home during a 28-day provincial lock down that took effect Saturday in an effort to control the spread of the virus. 

"It only takes on breakdown," he said. 

"I know the public is tired, I know we're all tired, I think the next six to eight weeks are going to be difficult...and we just need to now more than ever follow the measures that are outlined by public health."

Vlacholias said so far, visitor restrictions at the hospital are unchanged during this wave of the pandemic.