Brockville Mayor urging patience in midst of province-wide lockdown 

File photo.

After a week of being in a province-wide lockdown because of COVID-19, Brockville's Mayor is urging patience from residents. 

The Tri-County area remains in a province-wide lockdown until at least Jan. 23 but provincial officials have said the issue may be revisited sooner in area's with low case numbers. 

Mayor Jason Baker said he understands the frustration from residents over the lockdown, which began on Dec. 26, but said the best thing to do is to continue to follow public health advice. 

"Sticking together is vitally important, we're going to get through this much better if we stay together," Baker said in an interview with 104.9 MOVE FM. 

"I'm asking for a little more patience from the community, a little more thought towards your friends and neighbours and lets get through this together the best we can." 

Mayor of Prescott Brett Todd, who was against the idea of a province-wide lockdown given low COVID-19 cases in the area, is also asking residents to be patient and follow public health advice, as he said the recent news and rollout of vaccines is a "light at the end of the tunnel." 

"It's a lot slower than we all would like, but I mean that's something I think is beyond all of this," Todd said. 

"We just gotta hang in there for now...there will be some challenging days ahead for sure but we can get through this, we weathered the storm back in March and April when things were really bad and we'll do it again. 

Both Todd and Baker are hopeful the province will revisit the decision to lockdown the area for the full 28-days as originally announced and ask residents to continue to follow public health advice in the hopes that can happen.