Fitzroy Harbour residents concerned post office could move out of town

Fitzroy Harbour residents are concerned Canada Post will move the post office out of town.

For many in Fitzroy Harbour, heading to The Harbour Store to check your mail is a daily ritual.

"Oh, I come here every day," says Bill Andersen, a resident of the small community. "This is truly the hub of the community. This is where you come to meet people. This is one of the reasons people come to live here is because of this post office."

But there are worries spreading through Fitzroy Harbour that the post office could uproot and move elsewhere, far away from the community.

"What I’ve heard is they want to move our whole post office to Dunrobin and expect us to go pick our mail up in Dunrobin," says Lori Poulsen, a life-long resident of Fitzroy Harbour. "Which I don’t think is appropriate because it’s a good 20, 25 minutes away."

Recently, residents received a notice from Canada Post outlining the vacant position of postmaster for the area. TJ Marfatil is the recent new owner of The Harbour Store, which houses the post office. He said he and his wife both applied for the position and were rejected.

"I would like to have the post office here for the well being of the community," says Marfatil. "I was told a month back, they’re going to send me an official letter with a lot of options which I need to decide on, but I’m still waiting on the options."

Marfatil expects that letter to come following the closure of the job posting on Oct. 6.

In an statement to CTV News Ottawa, Canada Post says they are in the preliminary stages of finding a new postmaster and cannot share any further information. Canada Post says they do not anticipate an interruption in service to Fitzroy Harbour.

The postal service did not say whether there was a plan to move the post office to Dunrobin.

"We have a lot of seniors here and a lot of them don’t drive, so how would they get their mail," says Poulsen.

Andersen worries that the post office leaving Fitzroy Harbour could have a domino effect on the community.

"If something happens to this post office and it’s no longer here, then what’s next."