Free parking pilot in downtown Pembroke extended to July

Pembroke City Hall

A pilot project that allowed for free parking in Downtown Pembroke has been extended by Pembroke City Council.

The project started in early 2020 and saw free parking at meters in the downtown core but expired on Jan. 1. 

An extension until June 30 has been approved by Council and will allow drivers to park their vehicles on streets including Victoria, Albert, Prince:

• Pembroke Street West (between Mackay Street and Hincks Street)

• Victoria Street

• Albert Street

• Prince Street

• Alexander Street

• Agnes Street

• Frank Nighbor Street

• Church Street (between Pembroke Street West and Renfrew Street)

• Moffat Street (between Pembroke Street West and Renfrew Street)

• Shamrock Lot

The free rate is for a maximum of two hours on any day of the week.