OPP warning residents to lock car doors


Ontario Provincial Police are warning residents to lock their car doors to avoid being an easy target for thieves, particularly ahead of the Christmas season. 

East Region OPP say the simple actions of locking your door can prevent crimes of opportunity and are sharing the message on Crime Prevention Week. 

OPP Staff Seargant Josh Landry said pro thieves can get into a locked car in under 30 seconds and most are just looking for an easy score, so taking basic precautions like locking doors can have a big impact. 

"Ensure that your windows are rolled up, doors are locked, valuables are out of site and your vehicle documentation is in your pocket, not your glove compartment," Landry said. 

"This will ensure that individuals that are walking vehicle to vehicle will try your door and move on if it is locked." 

Police said the cold weather also makes unlocked cars a target, even for spare change, so residents should keep doors locked and not leave their vehicles unattended while it's running.