Still no word on Halloween Plans: Brockville Mayor

(iStock / KCmelete)

Halloween plans for Brockvillians are still up in the air given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic but the Mayor is hoping to have a decision soon. 

Some hotspots in the province have advised against traditional halloween trick-or-treating because of the potential for spread of COVID-19, but with few cases in the area, Brockville's top officials are staying mum for now. 

Mayor Jason Baker said part of the ongoing issue is it's unclear who gets to make the decision or who has the final call in the situation. 

"Is the province going to come out and make a province-wide decision? Or is the local health unit going to do something regionally?" Baker asked rhetorically, explaining some of the confusion. 

"And if not, than I guess it would fall to the City of Brockville and my inclination is to try and do everything we can to allow some form of the event to happen for the kids." 

Baker said he'll work to get information to the public as soon as possible this month.