'Third Crossing' naming campaign launches, looks to honour Indigenous History


The naming campaign for the new bridge over the Cataraqui River in Kingston has official begun. 

Kingston Mayor Bryan Paterson launched the campaign on Monday and said the City would look to recognize and honour Indigenous culture and history in the Kingston-area. 

"We know that as a City we need to broaden our understanding of Kingston's history by incorporating more Indigenous stories, and to facilitate a community dialogue that prioritizes reconciliation," Paterson said in a statement on Monday. 

"The naming of the new bridge is one step towards these important goals. It will encourage further conversation and education and is an exciting opportunity to celebrate the contributions of the local Indigenous community."

Paterson said the naming consultation will begin with discussions with Indigenous Nations with historical ties to the area, including Alderville First Nation and Tyendinaga Mohawk Council. A consultation will then be held with the general public. 

"We are excited to be guiding the engagement for the naming of the Third Crossing and are looking forward to working with Nations, Indigenous residents and Kingston community members to bring forward a name that honours Indigenous culture and history and that reflects the meaningful relationships being built in Kingston," Melissa Hammell, Vice President of First Peoples Group said in a news release. 

A new name is expected by the end of the year.