Warm fall expected in Ottawa Valley: Environment Canada

Courtesy: Brian Beattie

After one of the hottest summers on record in the Ottawa Valley, above-average temperatures are expected to continue through the fall. 

That's according to Environment Canada Senior Climatologist David Phillips, who said this month could set the table for a warmer fall. 

"September is going to be kind of normal to a little warmer than normal," Phillips said. 

"Some of that residual heat in the lakes and the rivers and the land is going to help September," he said, but added it will not be warm every day. 

"We'll probably have frost on the pumpkin and maybe a dusting of snow before Remembrance Day, but my sense is, don't write the final chapter on summer-y weather just yet." 

July was the hottest on record in the Ottawa Valley, while August was fairly average according to Phillips, with closer to average rainfall than during a very dry July.