The region's medical officer of health is reminding the community to follow all public safety measures this holiday weekend.

The reminder comes as the Downtown Windsor Businesses Improvement Association gets ready to host its first street closure of the season.

"Any type of large gathering, it has this potential to increase the transmission in that setting, more so in the indoor setting versus the outdoor setting," says Dr. Wajid Ahmed.

He says when you're outdoors, you don't necessarily need to wear a mask but physical distancing is still key.

"In these types of social gatherings where you're connecting with people outside of your household, people you don't even know, you don't know their vaccination status, you don't know what they are not capable of," he says.  "So again you have to take your protection and precaution for yourself and family members."

Dr. Ahmed says residents must continue to follow all public health safety measures.

"Right now, when you're talking about an outdoor event obviously the risk is slightly lower than the indoor event but by no means we can say that the risk is zero," says Dr. Ahmed.  "There is no zero risk anywhere we are talking about."            

As heard on AM800 news on Thursday, some downtown streets will be closed starting at 5pm today (Friday) for extended patios, live entertainment and shopping. 

The street closures will be in effective until Sunday night.