The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is officially reopening its doors on Monday after a long hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

General Manager Rosanne Winger says donation boxes will be open once again as well and the organization is ready to do house calls to pick up items for the first time in over a year.

Winger says being closed for such a long period of time has made things tough.

"Our stores are what funds our charitable work. So when they're closed there is no income coming into the buildings or into our charities.," she says. "We do get some donations online, but it's been a serious challenge and unexpected. We thought after last year that this year would be better right? That's what everyone thought."

Winger says donations are needed.

"We rely on our donations. That's how we run in every shape and form and we're certainly hoping that people were hanging on to their stuff because people were telling us they were. We're expecting the flood gates to open on Monday for sure," she says.

Winger says the reopening also marks the society's 125th anniversary serving Windsor-Essex.

"It's a pretty amazing milestone for sure and we were so excited that it was coming and hoping to do all these big events and celebrations and now it's come and we're kind of restricted a little bit. So we're hoping by the end of the year we can do something really big with the community," she adds.

There are five Society of Saint Vincent de Paul locations across the region with two in Windsor and three in Essex County.


With files from Rob Hindi