• The woes of the ICBC

    People are upset with the latest changes to ICBC rates, could this affect you?

  • The Locker Room- October 11

    Sports news of the week is discussed.

  • Raspberry bush attack in Sannich

    Sannich municipality workers destroyed a raspberry bush to the horror of its owner.

  • Saving the salmon

    It was a dry summer, with drought-like conditions in some places.

    And that’s been really tough on the Goldstream River, a major spawning stream, with lower than average water flow. It is flowing at 12 million litres a day.



    Up to 45 million litres of water a day is being released into the Goldstream River in an effort to encourage salmon to begin their journey up the river to spawn.

  • Adam Stirling Noon Hour- October 11

    The time change is discussed and open lines are opened!

  • The upcoming time chage

    It could be the last one!

  • Should we make voting days holidays?

    In the online survey almost three-in-five Canadians (58%) agree with declaring election day a public holiday in Canada. 

  • The plight of the Yazidis


    Canada’s most-watched documentary series, CTV’s W5, continues this week with a new episode airing Saturday, Oct. 12 at 7 p.m. ET on CTV.


    This week, W5 investigative reporter Avery Haines tells the story of a remarkable homecoming for two young women who live in Ontario now but five years ago were captured by ISIS and held as slaves. They were eventually freed and brought to Canada. W5 travels back to their homeland in Northern Iraq with them for a reunion with the family they had to leave behind.

  • The Professor Ron Cheffins

    He discusses our political climate with Adam.