• New Coldplay album? Looks like SOMETHING is coming...and its' gonna be ARTSY!

    Strange posters hint at a new Coldplay project. But what ARE they trying to tell us? And WHEN can we expect it? These posters are popping up in Hong Kong, Madrid, Sydney and more!
  • Une nouvelle DG pour le Festi-Jazz

    Marie-Julie Landry prend la relève à la direction du prestigieux festival international
  • Beethoven's Bootleggers! On Stage with the Windsor Symphony Orchestra!

    The ultimate date night - or a truly unique way to experience the WSO. Whether it's your first time going to the symphony or you never miss a show - be SURE to check out this truly unique event! Dan MacDonald chats with Maestro Robert Franz!
  • Rimouski octroie 10 000$ à l'OSE

    La Ville accorde cette subvention pour soutenir les festivités du 25e anniversaire de l'OSE, dont la venue de Kent Nagano.
  • Boney M

    Scotiabank Centre, Halifax
    Boney M makes a stop in Halifax during their Holiday Favourites and Classic Hits World tour! Tickets are $45.00 - $50 and $55 (Plus tax and surcharge) and will be available at the Scotia Bank Centre Box Office
  • 14th annual Nuit Blanche kicks off at 7 p.m. tonight

    The all-night arts festivals kicks off at 7 p.m. Saturday and runs through to sunrise Sunday
  • We Will Rock You

    Scotiabank Centre
    While WE WILL ROCK YOU is a quirky, eccentric and heartfelt story of outsiders, it’s also a creative cautionary tale for the cyberage. It reflects the scale and spectacle that marked Queen’s live performances and earned the band its pinnacle position in rock history. The audience can expect WE WILL ROCK YOU to rock as fiercely as the best of Queen’s concerts.
  • Mini Pop Kids

    Rebecca Cohn Auditorium
    The Mini Pop Kids are coming back to Halifax. After two sold out shows this in February of 2019 they’re back and shining bright with their brand new 'Bright Lights Concert Tour,’ hitting over 30 cities across the country. This electric concert for kid by kids features the year’s biggest hits! Performing songs by Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, The Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift to throwback favorites that all will enjoy. This isn't just a show, it's an experience for the whole family! Don’t miss your chance to sing, dance, and POP, with Canada’s best-selling kids music group, The MINI POP KIDS.
  • 25 vitrines ouvertes au public lors de la Rencontre d'automne du ROSEQ

    Des artistes comme Didier Lambert, Ariane Roy, Forest Boys et Lou-Adriane Cassidy se produiront lors de microspectacles de vingt minutes.
  • Halifax Pop Explosion

    Buzz worthy artists. Time-tested bands. The best n’ brightest new-to-Halifax acts! This year featuring Arkells and Mother Mother!! With other incredible artists like: Japanese Breakfast, Caveboy, Pup, Walrus and more! Discover new music with Halifax Pop Explosion – October 23rd to the 26th at venues across Halifax.