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School Dist 22

School District 22 Superintendent Joe Rogers says, “We are looking forward to a great new school year.  Already the schools are buzzing with excitement as families get their children registered for classes. Some of our high schools have hosted grade 8 and new student BBQs last week, and also we welcomed approximately 20 new teachers at an orientation session.”

He says, "Enrollment throughout the School District 22 appears to be up, however the District will be able to confirm final numbers by the end of September. If required, we will be adding new divisions to the schools."

Rogers says the Human Resources team has remained busy over the summer with recruiting. " We’ve experienced a lot of movement within the district; which is great because this allows our current staff the opportunity to grow in new positions within the district. We have also recruited, and continue to recruit, a number of well-experienced teachers, with 5-10 years of experience, from all over BC and Western Canada."

On the controversial bussing issue, Rogers says, "The District has also had a good response from families paying for their bus registration fees and picking up the bus passes. Many of them have said they believe the $25 registration fee for all riders is a fair practice for all. Courtesy riders are also required to pay the registration fee, along with the reduced courtesy rider fee of $175. This reduction in the courtesy rider fee has also been positively received by parents. We understand not all riders require morning and afternoon bussing, so we have a number of fee structures set up to address the various scenarios. For families wondering what these options are, we invite them to visit the transportation section of our website. Our transportation department would like to thank the families who have paid their fees online, through ParentConnect; this appears to be a convenient method for many of our families. Payments are also accepted at the Board office. For any families struggling with any of the busing fees, we encourage them to submit a Financial Assistance Form to the District for review."