Cops for Kids

Photo is from Vernon Stop on Saturday

After 1,000 km's cycled throughout South Eastern British Columbia, the team of Cops for Kids Riders completed their annual Ride in Kelowna Sunday at the Ramada Hotel. Over the past ten days the team of 27 riders cycled into the hearts of 29 communities in order to raise money for children in medical, physical, or traumatic crisis.  The Annual ride raised $350,000.

As riders mounted their bikes on September 6th, in Kelowna, many for the first time, the team departed as individual riders, however have now returned home as a unified team. As the weather wasn't as favorable as the riders would have hoped for this year, each day was a new one. As they rode into each community they focused on being there for one another, working together, and physically and mentally pushing one another to limits some never thought possible.  
Over the 1,000 km journey, riders were met by families who shared the journeys of their children.  A lot of the children, un-knowing of these strangers dressed in red biking gear, reached out their hands, in thanks, giving the riders all the motivation needed to keep forging ahead and raising money.

Ride captain Julio Krenz has been with the Ride for 19 years and is not a stranger to the sacrifices the families make, but also those of the riders.  "Only the returning riders know what the difficult days are like, but also know that those days are so much better when you have someone beside you working towards a common goal.  As the Ride approaches its 20th year we as riders grow stronger and more passionate about this cause each year.  We want the families and communities to know that we are here for them, we won't stop riding and will continue to give 100% of ourselves to make our communities a better place." 

Funds raised from the event support children who require transportation to medical treatment outside their home community, medical supplies, specialized therapies, learning tools & mobility aids. Each request is reviewed on an individual basis, in order to support items not covered by government programs or extended health care benefits.