Heat Safety - Smoking Furnace





With the return of cooler temperatures and snow in the North Okanagan, residents are reminded to be aware of fire hazards in their homes and pay close attention to heat sources.

On Sunday, Vernon Fire Rescue was called to a home in the south end of the city when the residents noticed smoke coming from their heat registers. When firefighters arrived, they discovered the issue was caused by a malfunctioning furnace. No injuries were reported and there was light smoke in the home.

Deputy Chief Scott Hemstad said the incident is a good reminder for homeowners to ensure their furnace is in good working order and to have it serviced annually.

“Not only do you want to be aware of your furnace,” said Deputy Chief Hemstad, “but you also want to keep safety in mind when it comes to other heat sources such as electric heaters, fireplaces and stoves. We’ve had several cold nights already this season, but with the return of snow, more people are likely turning on the heat today.”

As we move closer to the holiday season and decorations are put on display, everyone is also reminded to keep décor away from heat sources and to be aware of open flames or the use of extension cords when adding festive touches to their spaces.