Precautionary evacuation lifted following weekend mud slide


On February 1, Vernon Fire Rescue Services (VFRS) responded to reports of a small mud slide in the 900 block of Mt. Robson Place. A total of six townhome units were evacuated as a precautionary measure while a Geotechnical Engineer assessed the situation.

“According to the engineer’s report, the topsoil on the hillside became saturated when a large amount of snow melted very quickly. This caused the slide,” said Fire Chief David Lind. “The engineer has completed a comprehensive assessment of the area and a series of mitigation measures were recommended to the strata developer in order to direct any future mud flows away from the buildings and improve hillside drainage.”

Today, VFRS received confirmation that the developer has put those measures in place and the engineer has confirmed the site is stable and safe for residents to return to the area.

“There is a possibility some topsoil may still run down the slope and need to be cleaned up,” said Chief Lind, “but with confirmation that the site is safe, the precautionary evacuation has been lifted.”

Affected residents received assistance from Emergency Support Services (ESS) while they were under evacuation.