97.1 Sun Worshippers - oGo Float

97.1 Sun Worshipper oGo Float

This month, you could win a prize package including 31 days of unlimited floating from oGo Float! 

Prize Basket includes: pocket loofah with locally sourced soap, lavender lip balm specifically formulated to enhance your float, light up glow ball, refreshing room spray, assorted teas, and more. 

oGoFloat is a home-based float studio built to superior industry standards. All this month, they're celebrating one year of providing genuine and consistent float experiences. Floating weightlessly atop a warm bed of filtered water saturated with nearly 1000 lbs of Epsom salt is one of the easiest and most efficient methods to dissolve stress, pain, and anxiety. At oGo Float, their float therapy offers an unforgettable experience with wide ranging benefits increasing your quality of life. In a world that rewards being busy, be courageous enough to schedule time for self-care. Put YOU on the `to-do' list.

Floating provides unparalleled rest for your mind, body & soul. #RelaxHarder at oGoFloat!