K-Pop Fans Hijack Hashtag To Drown Out Racism


K-Pop fans flexed their collective muscle Wednesday to take over the hashtag “#WhiteLivesMatter” in hopes of silencing social media messages from white supremacists.

Also targeted were “#MAGA” and “BlueLivesMatter.”

"Imagine trying to trend #WhiteLivesMatter like a typical racist and Kpop fans said ‘Not on my watch b**ch,’” someone tweeted.

Not everyone caught on. "Bluelivesmatter and whitelivesmatter are both trending. F**k that," tweeted FINNEAS. "Both of those piece of s**t movements only began as a response to BLM because people REFUSE to acknowledge RACISM. We have to say Black Lives Matter because you ALM folk have proven that you don’t think they do!"


The campaign comes a day after the music industry’s “Blackout Tuesday,” during which the misuse of the hashtag “#BlackLivesMatter” ended up drowning out Black Lives Matter messaging.

On Tuesday, police in Dallas asked members of the public to use the iWatch Dallas app to submit video clips of illegal activity at protests. K-Pop fans flooded the app with memes and GIFs, forcing the department to take down the app temporarily “due to technical difficulties.”

Here's a sample of the posts: