WATCH: Mark Hamill Sings About King Kong's Junk


He played Luke Skywalker in several Star Wars movies and voiced the Joker in the animated Batman series – but who knew Mark Hamill could also sing country music?

The 68-year-old actor performs an ode to King Kong’s modest penis – yes, you read that correctly – in a video for “Mighty As Kong.”

“It dudn’t matter if yer hung like a mouse / or an elephant trunk / when you’re King no one cares about the size of your junk,” he sings, as Philip Combs.

On Twitter, Hamill said the track is “a totally bananas country-rock” song. “I went ape for the 1st time [I] heard it & hope you will too,” Hamill tweeted on Monday.

The video, directed by Amy Heckerling, comes from the Quibi comedy Royalties, in which Darren Criss and Kether Donohue play songwriters Pierce and Sara. “Mighty Kong” grew, so to speak, out of a hook-up Sara had with a guy who justified his less-than-average endowment by comparing it to the movie ape’s less-than-massive member.

Check it out below:

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