Static-X's Salute To Wayne Static Due Out On Friday


The members of Static-X will pay homage to their late bandmate Wayne Static with the Friday (July 10th) release of the first volume of their Project Regeneration set. It features some of Wayne Static's final vocal recordings, as well as unfinished demos which the original band went back and finished for the album.

Bassist Tony Campos told Loudwire, "It was cool to revisit that stuff and write some heavier, more authentic feeling, WDT style riffs underneath Wayne's voice. There was one song on the original five demos that I first got a hold of that had Wayne's vocals, which ended up becoming the song "Follow." I'm guessing that was done around 2013/2014, shortly before his passing."

Project Regeneration features a guest appearance by Al Jourgensen on the last track of the album called "Dead Souls."

Campos added, "We're really happy with the end result. Being in the studio, working with the guys again, as well as working again with Ulrich Wild, was a blast, and just another cool way to reconnect and remember all the good times we had with Wayne."

Static-X is also working on a Volume 2 of the project with several remaining songs featuring Wayne Static's vocals.