Tobias Forge Addresses His Biggest Frustration


In a conversation with Loudwire, Tobias Forge outlined one of his biggest frustrations and discusses the band's connection to Dave Grohl

The Ghost vocalist explains that the mask he wears is a huge hindrance.  He says, "Honestly, I'm actually a better singer than the mask and the get-up allows me to be. That is very irritating. I didn't notice it in the first couple of years because I didn't have the amount of practice that I have now, but now, when I'm a better singer, it's very annoying."

He also shoots down the suggestion that Dave Grohl is collaborating with the band.  Aside from producing and playing both drums and guitar on the 2013 EP If You Have Ghost, Forge says the Foo Fighters front man has only served "as an inspriration, not much more than that."

He adds, "Of course, Foo Fighters have been very supportive fans and took us out on the road, but nothing more than that. He's not been sort of involved in other records; if that is what people are thinking."