Gwyneth Paltrow Excited To Twin With Zendaya, Forgets They Starred in Spider-Man Together


Gwyneth Paltrow has a lot of balls in the air between the acting gigs, motherhood and being a multi-platform (website, podcast, Netflix series) Goop entrepreneur. So perhaps she can be forgiven for forgetting that she starred with Zendaya in Spider-Man: Homecoming while hyperventilating about their moment of fashion twinning. 

Zendaya wore a hot-purple metallic anatomical breast plate by Tom Ford for the 2020 Critics’ Choice Awards, rocking several Best of Dressed looks. Paltrow rocked the same look on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar’s February issue. 

Paltrow commented on an Instagram shot of Zendaya: "Thank God I can say I have something in common with Zendaya." It seems Paltrow may have forgotten that she and Zendaya starred in Homecoming.

Zendaya told ET of her look: "I saw it on the runway and thought it was sick and amazing because they were actually able to scan and mold my own body so it fits me the right way, so it's pretty cool. It was a very science tech situation going on, so it was very [one-of-a-kind]."

She added: "I have definitely had some of my own, like, red carpet moments," she added, of having no regrets about her fashion choices over the years. "Listen, I wouldn't take it back, though, because you have to live and learn, you know, and that's OK."