Jerry Seinfeld Presents Eddie Murphy with WSJ Innovator Award


Jerry Seinfeld and Eddie Murphy go way back. The two comedians have similar life milestones, as Seinfeld mentioned when honoring Murphy at the WSJ Magazine 2019 Innovator Awards on Wednesday night, held at the MoMA. “Eddie and I started off in stand-up comedy the same week at the same club in 1976,” Seinfeld recalled before presenting him with the award. He also joked with Murphy, adding “Eddie Murphy is not an ‘innovator’—in the same way Moses was not an innovator of walking through the Red Sea. When Moses walked through the Red Sea, other people didn’t go, ‘Oh, I see how you do it.”

Murphy quipped back at Seinfeld, saying “You are a mensch, Jerry. Mensch is a good thing, right?” Murphy was just getting back from the set of Coming to America 2, and said he was running on three hours of sleep.