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1 fashion statement

MAY 12

The Trikini - a bikini with a matching face mask - has become a hit for its Italian designer after she created it during lockdown as a joke.

The designer  began producing the pandemic-proof beachwear to keep spirits up at home after the government announced a restriction on movement due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Her suppliers told her they would be closing in spring, which led to her being unable to produce bikinis for peak season. This hit the business hard.   After posting images of her daughters wearing the creations on Facebook, the Trikini went viral and the designer has requests flooding in to the store.


 A peacock on the prowl is back at the zoo after falling for a cop's decoy. A Boston police officer used an electronic mating call to help capture the bird.

 The officer lured the curious peacock -- named Snowbank, that had escaped from Franklin Park Zoo -- into a fenced-in yard while playing a mating call on his cellphone.  Zoo officials say it's mating season, and it's possible Snowbank ventured out looking for love.