Johnny Orlando To Release EP 'It's Never Really Over'


Johnny Orlando announced Tuesday that his sophomore EP It’s Never Really Over will be out Oct. 23.

It features three new tracks as well as three the Toronto area singer released this year – “Phobias,” “See You” and “Everybody Wants You.”

Orlando described the EP, in a release, as “the culmination of the person I have become in the last year, but as I have learned, far from the person I will be in a year’s time.”

The 17-year-old explained: “With this project I want my fans to feel the sense of security that I did not. I want them to know that everybody experiences the same terrifying reality of being thrown into the real world. There is a point in your life where you finally have to say goodbye to your childhood and your innocence. This project is my farewell.”

In a conversation with iHeartRadio’s Shannon Burns, Orlando said he believes he has become a better person. “I’m trying to be more positive,” he said. “I feel like I’m just older, maybe a little bit wiser and a completely different person.”

Orlando told in June that he was not sure what he was most looking forward to about turning 18 in January. “Does that much change when you turn 18? I guess I can vote, which is pretty sweet,” he said.

Now, the singer thinks he will end up moving to Los Angeles, even though he told Burns: “I feel like the culture there is a little bit toxic.”

Orlando is once again nominated at the MTV Europe Music Awards in the fan-voted Best Canadian Act category, which he won last year.

Watch Johnny Orlando's chat with Shannon Burns below:

It’s Never Really Over track listing:

  1. Everybody Wants You
  2. Adelaide
  3. Bad News
  4. Flaws
  5. Phobias
  6. See You

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