Lizzo Struggles To Peel Off Stubborn Pastie


Lizzo is feeling “Good As Hell” after finally removing a stubborn nipple pastie.

In hilarious cringe-worthy videos she inexplicably shared on Instagram Stories, the 32-year-old singer decalred: “Help! My nipple pastie won’t come off. I’m scared.”

Just before pulling out her right breast, Lizzo explained the flower-shaped adhesive had been on for two days. "I don’t know what to do.”

She then tried to peel the pastie off, causing her to let out a cacophony of cries.

“It hurts so bad,” said Lizzo. “I’ve put oil on it. Oh my god, it hurts so bad. I think I’m taking off the skin.”

Later, Lizzo kept concerned fans abreast of the situation by revealing that she managed to get the pastie off.

The “Truth Hurts” star also posted the video on Instagram with the caption: “Sneak peek of my exclusive onlyfans content.” (She is not, in fact, on OnlyFans.)

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Sneak peek of my exclusive onlyfans content 😫

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