• What's the dumbest reason you got into a Facebook argument?

    The election is over, somebody's team won and somebody's team lost, not everyone got their participation trophy, but it seems like the bile and venom has not decreased in the slightest! I'm seeing just as many arguments, fights, and scraps online from both the sorest losers and the sorest winners in the world. And we've all been sucked into one or two arguments, and I wanna know the DUMBEST you've been in. -Erik

  • What is your BNB horror story?

    Day 2 for the new guy! Coming up on the show this morning: should safe driving laws JUST apply to humans? Can you watch 30 movies in 30 days? Would you check out the Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse-inspired AirBNB? I've been in some pretty cool BNBs in my time, but we've all been in some pretty HORRIBLE ones, so I wanna hear your stories. -Erik